Wire Rope Lubricator

Wire Rope Lubricator

Wire Ropes and the Purpose of a Wire Rope Lubricator

Wire ropes are types of cables that are assembled using strands of wires, normally made of steel, continuously wound on a central core. Identification of wire ropes is usually done using parameters such as their size, steel grade used, the number of strands and number of wires in every strand among others.

Wire rope lubricant during manufacture and will continue to require lubrication thereafter during use. These cables undergo a lot of bending and stretching which depletes the original lubricant and that’s why they’ll need regular wire rope lubricator inside and outside in order to reduce friction between the wire strands. Lubrication can be done manually or by a wire rope lubricator.

What is a wire rope lubricator?

wire rope lubricator is a device that is used to apply lubricant to wire ropes mechanically. Typical wire rope lubricators contain chambers that are clamped around the cables, and a lubricant pumped inside them as they are moved along the cable. The chambers are made of metal and open in half to hold the cable. Split seals are normally fitted around the cables where the chambers clamp on to form a tightly sealed cavity in which lubricants are pumped at high pressure.

An effective wire rope lubricator works to ensure thorough and even lubrication from deep within to the outside of wire ropes. The split seals of such a lubricator should also satisfactorily clean the surface of the wire rope as the device moves along lubricating it.

Applications of a wire rope lubricator:

Cable lubricators can be used in all applications where wire ropes are used; whether in lifting, hoisting or mechanical power transmissions in equipment such as cranes and elevators. Regular use of wire ropes without proper lubrication leads to wear and tear which is bad and poses safety risks. A wire rope lubricator works where it is possible to draw the wire rope through the chamber of the device.

This typically means that wire rope lubricators can be applicable in support towers, suspension bridges, conveyor cables, mine winders, ship deck winches, sluice gates, anchor cables and various types of cranes such as static, mobile, wharf, tower and overhead cranes.

Advantages of a wire rope lubricator over manual lubrication:

  • Using a wire rope lubricator is obviously faster than using your hands.
  • It is also much safer than manual lubrication because it takes the messy work out of your hands.
  • The device saves on lubricant as it minimizes spillage and over lubrication.
  • The high pressure used causes maximum penetration of lubricant into the cores of cables.
  •  It can also be permanently mounted strategically on the cable system to provide a constant supply of lubricant.

Wire Rope Lubricator