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Industrial wire rope lubrication

Industrial wire ropes are typically made of steel and in order to protect and lubricate them, they need to be treated with a specific kind of lubricant. Wire rope lubricants provide good corrosion protection for the metal framework and also offer some abrasion resistance for when it is in operation

Generally there are two different types of lubricants:oil and dry. What type of lubricant is chosen for a specific set of wire ropes depends on the manufacturer’s preference and intended application, but it also depends on what environment the wire rope will be exposed to.

The correct choice of wire rope lubricants can provide years of protection as long as they are consistently applied.

The choice between oil or dry lubricants depends on individual application requirements. Oil lubricated wire ropes are beneficial because they have thicker layers of corrosion protection and the lubricant itself is very slippery, which allows for less friction to occur while it is being used. Dry wrapped wire strands have no type of corrosion protection until the wire rope is submerged in lubricant, but dry wire ropes do not require any additional heat treatment to maintain the applied configuration.

When choosing which type of wire rope lubricants to use, it is important to know the environment that the wire rope will be used in. Because oil does not dissipate as quickly as dry lubricants, they do not leave the wire rope unprotected as long, but they are slightly more expensive. Oil wire ropes tend to be used in applications like construction and demolition equipment where the weather is not a big factor.

Dry lubricants evaporate quickly and therefore leave the wire rope exposed for a short period of time; however, they require less frequent reapplication of the lubricant, which means they are very cost efficient.

In any case, wire rope lubricants should not be applied too frequently as this will prevent dust from building up and also cause the wire rope to slow down. ( recommended amount of time between each application is around six months. If the operator waits too long and the wire rope does not have any lubricant, it could cause rusting or even seizing of the moving parts. (

Industrial wire ropes are extremely important because they allow for different types of applications to be operated safely and efficiently. Every time a new piece of equipment is developed in an industry, there should be some kind of assessment done in order to protect and lubricate the wire ropes that will be utilized with it.