Role of an accountant

Role of an accountant

The majority of the accountants are people who have completed a commercial education, preferably in a financial accounting. However, the job title accountant is not protected in Germany. Read here everything worth knowing about the job of the bookkeeper.

Tasks of the accountant

Commercial law and the principles of proper accounting (GoB) determine the activity of an accountant . In addition to working on various business cases, you, as an accountant, are able to communicate reliable accounting figures to senior management(

This will help you make decisions. In addition, as an accountant, you will carry out advisory activities to management on business and tax issues.

The accountant has a versatile job role
As an accountant, your daily routine is determined by numbers. Your area of ​​responsibility includes the processing and posting of business cases in business and accounting. Accountants perform the following tasks:

The assignment of documents to individual cost elements and cost centers
Checking of Pre-Assigned Documents (Correct Account Assignment and Value Accuracy)
Make changes in the appropriate cost areas
In addition, as an accountant you are responsible for post costing calculations to determine the changed costs. The other company departments support you with stocktaking and necessary actual / target comparisons.

The accountant ensures a smooth organization of accounting
If you, as an accountant(, have completed the advanced training as a certified accountant, you are responsible for balance sheets and financial statements in different accounting periods. In financial accounting, the accountant ensures that sufficient funds are available to secure liquidity.

With short-term financial planning and revenue and expense monitoring, you can help management with planned investments or lending. In addition, accountants are responsible for meeting tax returns and settling tax liabilities on time.

As an accountant, you are a sought-after employee in companies in all sectors of the economy. Interest groups, clubs and associations also need qualified accountants(